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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in producing LIFT hydrofoils and foil boards?

We use the finest materials on the market, and design the layup of each component to match its purpose. Our hydrofoil components are built primarily with carbon fiber, but also with fiber glass, stainless steel, high density cores, and high performance epoxies.
Our foil boards are built with an EPS core, a PVC foam skin, carbon and glass fiber laminates & high density cores in areas of greater stress. The cores are CNC cut, molded and then laminated with a vacuum bag for the best adhesion possible. Our products are finished with the highest quality paints and clear coats available on the market.

Why is Carbon Fiber the best choice in the construction of a hydrofoil?

In order for a hydrofoil to perform very well in the water, the design must meet certain geometries and thicknesses that allow for a smooth, undisturbed flow. As certain parts get thinner, they may perform better in the water, but are naturally less stiff by geometry. Carbon fiber offers excellent rigidity and strength in these areas so you can achieve both stiffness and performance. By combining our carbon with kevlar fibers (known for their use in bulletproof vests) we drastically increase the toughness of the hydrofoil parts, creating high strength, high stiffness, refined geometries, and a tough, durable construction for years of abuse.

What is the purpose of the mounting tracks on Lift boards?

The mounting tracks are a very simple and effective feature that offers a rigid connection to the board with an adjustable balance point. The hydrofoil is a thing of balance between a riders center of gravity to the pressures created by the wings. Each rider is unique, wings are distinct, and riding conditions are different, thus, the tracks offer a very simple solution for the rider to make small adjustments on the foil and find their “sweet spot.” Not to mention how strong they are!

What are the effects of sliding the mast forward and back in the tracks?

Sliding the mast is going to change the pressure on your feet. Sliding it forward will put more pressure on your front foot, while sliding it back will put the pressure on your back foot. It comes down to rider preference, and the best way is to try it all!

What is camber and what is its effect in the performance of the the wing?

Take the foil cross section of a wing, and the relationship between the top curve and bottom curve is defined by camber. A higher cambered wing has a cup shaped bottom, that greatly increases Lift at lower speeds and also helps with control. A lesser cambered wing takes a little more speed to generate the necessary Lift, but will produce less drag.

How does surface area affect the performance of a wing?

Increasing surface area increases Lift and platform to stand on, but also limits your speed. A larger wing will typically be more stable, but a bit slower in speed. Finding the right balance in area and camber is key.

How does dihedral affect the performance of a wing?

Dihedral is the angle of the wings relative to the fuselage. Wings that tilt up have a positive dihedral and have less roll, while wings that tilt down have a negative dihedral (also known as anhedral), and allow the wings to roll into a turn.

What do I do if I get a ding in my wings?

Shit happens! But no worries…depending on the damage there is always a repair. Small scratches and dings can be sanded out and faired in. If you are not confident doing your own repairs, send it back to us and we will make it like new again.

What do I do if I get a ding in my board?

Like any board dings, it is best to keep it dry and get it patched. A local ding repair guy can fix them up no problem. For our carbon boards, please note that the resin must be epoxy! IF you have questions don’t hesitate to call us at +971 50 995 5700.

How do you ship your foils?

The best product deserves the best shipment teams. We have accounts with FedEx and DHL for any international shipments across the globe. Our foils are packed in-house and can arrive at your doorstep anywhere in the world within a few days.

Please contact us for international shipment fees and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (Shipping).

What sets “Lift” apart from other products on the market?

In the world of hydrofoils, their is no substitute for the best. The team at Lift Hydrofoils has been working for years to create an all-round, user friendly foil that people can grow with. We use the highest performance materials and spare nothing in terms of design and quality so that our customers receive the absolute best. Not to mention that our parts are top quality at a competitive price. The foil demands precision and balance in order to function properly and we make sure that you get just that.

Our friendly staff will help guide you through your first purchase, and make sure that we will always have upgradable gear to keep you evolving and progressing.

Please contact us for international shipment fees and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I return my Lift Products?

All sales are final on all products.